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Children's Book Week - International Books

Children's Book Week - International Books

For Children's Book Week, Mims House is featuring British children's book illustrator Peter Willis.

Mims House Goes International - Korean Translations Publishing This Year

How many languages are Peter Willis’s book translated into? See the Answer below.

A.I. book cover

 Smackdown! Can artificial intelligence defeat humans? In 2016, a contest was set up to test the answer to this. Lee Sedol, the world champion GO player went up against the British-designed artificial intelligence, AlphaGo.

GO is an ancient board game that is popular worldwide. It is considered the hardest board game because there are so many possible moves. (Be sure to look for the Korean flags in the book!) For more on this historic series of Go games, see this YouTube documentary: Alpha Go – The Movie 

Because the story is about a Korean player, the book has received some international attention. The six-book MOMENTS IN SCIENCE series will be translated into Korean and release later in 2022.

Here are the first two Korean books, POLLEN and BURN. The other four books in the series will be released in Korea later this year.

Burn Korean cover
Pollen, Korean cover


Q: How much research do you do for these science history books? Do you research the person or the science or just focus on imagery?

I do loads of research, it’s something I really enjoy about doing these books. I love the history behind them all so I do as much research as possible, Trying to find stuff on YouTube is also good.

TRANSLATION QUESTION - Answer: Peter’s books have been translated into two languages, Chinese and Korean. The Korean translations of the six-book Moments in Science series will be released in 2022. The Nantucket Sea Monster was released in 2020. Chinese versions are contracted, but production hasn’t started yet – Stay tuned!

2023 Sneak Preview of the Cover

Look for more books from Peter Willis! Slated for 2023 is AQUARIUM: How Jeannette Powers Invented the Aquarium to Observe the Argonaut Octopus. (This is an early cover and is subject to revision.)

forthcoming book Peter Willis cover


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