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Mims House books have received starred PW and Kirkus reviews. Awards include four NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books, a Eureka! Nonfiction Honor book, two Junior Library Guild selections, a NCTE Notable Children’s Book in Language Arts, and a NCSS Notable Social Studies Book.

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Mims House (est. 2008) is a U.S. children’s book publisher based in Arkansas. Our award winning stories include contemporary fiction, fantasy middle grade novels and nonfiction picture books. Common themes include troubled families, a healthy environment, and teaching kids how to write.

We publish stories that touch the lives of the young. Or the young at heart. Our books celebrate the indomitable and unconquerable human spirit, and give kids boundless hope in the midst of tangled families or intergalactic struggles. Nonfiction stories evoke awe and wonder for the world. Our writing process books celebrate and encourage a kid’s creativity.


Mims House offices

We are located in the historic Quapaw District of Little Rock, AR in the Mims House. Our name comes from name of our 1890 Victorian-era house that we use as our office. In this historic district, houses are named for the family who lived there in 1890. In our case, the Mims family were residents here in 1890.


Darcy Pattison

Publisher & Author Darcy Pattison 

And then, she remembers…

The school visit had been a long day of sitting in the school library while classes traipsed in and out to see the “real live author.” Pattison had talked about imagination, reading her stories aloud, signing books, and answering questions. Tired, she packed her things and wondered if anyone would ever remember the day.

 In the library door, a small boy appeared. He held out a rose. “I made it. For you."

 Of course, it wasn’t a real rose. Like Pattison, he was offering something imaginary, a paper rose.

Like Pattison, he’d worked hard to make it memorable, folding the rose, making the edges crisp and neat.

 Suddenly humbled, Pattison asked him, “Would you sign it? It’s beautiful.”

The boy beamed.

Stories and children. For almost thirty years, Pattison has connected the two. And the kids reward her with paper roses and smiles. It’s all she needs to inspire her to work on the next story.


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