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Your lesson plans don't have to erode! Give Erosion a read!

Your lesson plans don't have to erode! Give Erosion a read!

 Let’s be real, teaching kids about erosion can be a challenge! Fortunately, books are a teacher’s best friend.

Erosion presents a big concept in colorful, bite sized pieces your students can digest. As hailed by Kirkus Reviews, A compelling, kid-friendly, and visually appealing erosion story."

Clearly, this picture book will be your greatest ally in teaching your students valuable information about and the history of erosion, its effects, and the man who strove to fix it. With this book in hand, you’ll entice your students to explore this riveting tale of hardship, science, and solution.


Don’t expect this to just be a science history lesson, though. Day after day we find that climate and earth sciences are an increasingly relevant topic in today’s world. By using this book in the classroom, you're presenting your students with information they can use outside of school and in their daily lives, gaining a greater understanding of the world around them. 

This book is not only a great asset, but it’s convenient, too! Click the book cover above to find an extra resource video, just for you! You’ll find that this topic goes deeper than the surface level, and that some curious minds will want to dig deeper. In the back of the book, you’ll find a plethora of useful information that will excite the minds of future earth scientists! This book alongside the video will leave your student with a crystal-clear view on the topic of erosion. With all of these tools in your toolbox, you can be confident in not only your skills as a teacher, but also your students ability to understand. 


Bearing the title of a Notable Social Studies Trade Book, you can be confident in this book’s ability to teach kids erosion. Earth science for kids can indeed prove to be a challenge, but by utilizing the right resources, it’ll be a breeze for both you and your students! Follow the journey of early environmentalist, Hugh Bennett, as he proposes solutions to save America’s soil and later establish the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Darcy Pattison presents soil erosion with bold, large, and easy-to-see lettering, illustrations that will capture and hold a reader's attention, and an easy-to-follow plot. With all three of these characteristics combined, you can rest assured that many students will find themselves more than capable of reading this story and, most importantly, enjoying it.

Breaking down earth science for kids can be a daunting task, but there’s no need to worry! When it comes down to earth science, it’s important that kids are presented with information they can rely on. Erosion provides plenty of information on soil erosion that you can count on being precise, accurate, and true. 


Erosion isn't the only book by Pattison, though! Ignite a passion for more Moments in Science click the image below. You’ll find a wide range of topics that cover monumental moments like the cure for malaria, amazing animals, and so much more! Find the world of discovery through reading and a love for learning today!

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