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Pets! The Best Cats and Dogs for Kids

It happens to all families with young children. "Mom, Dad, I want a pet." Kids as Pet Owners Forget the guinea pigs!...

Who Reads Picture Books?

Why do you and your kids read? Do you look for relationship books for that child in the lap moment? Independent books or classroom books? Mims House has books for all those categories!

HOW DO YOU SHOW LOVE? Happy Valentine's Day!

Launching on Valentine's Day is GREATEST, a children's picture book about how to show love in practical ways. When a new kid comes to town, will Love Truly and her friends find a way to show love? It's time for courage to do the right thing.

Goldilocks: The Fame-Name-Dame

Have You Heard of Goldilocks?  “A funny, creative take on a well-known fairy tale.” Kirkus review Have you heard of G...

Solution: Alpha Kids Need to Become Digital Readers

In the last blog post, I looked at the question of teaching kids to read by looking at the characteristics of the Alp...

Problem: How Do We Encourage Kids to Become Readers

Everyone involved with education agrees on one thing: an educated person reads well. Reading, decoding symbols for me...

Got ChromeBook? We Have eBooks!

This fall will be one of the most unique school years ever! That's an understatement. Are you going to be teaching on...

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