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You CAN Encourage Summer Reading: Book List K-6 Grade Levels (Elementary Students)

As summer break approaches, you need two things to help your child manage their summer reading. First, you need a li...

Choosing Great Earth Day Books: Best 2nd - 5th Grade Books

Earth Day Books to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd! To celebrate Earth Day with your kids, you need great books a...

Who Reads Picture Books?

Why do you and your kids read? Do you look for relationship books for that child in the lap moment? Independent books or classroom books? Mims House has books for all those categories!

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

School Library Journal Recommends Book for APA Heritage Month We are thrilled that the School Library Journal has inc...

Science needs international cooperation

Chladni’s story is one of international cooperation among scientists. The French scientists had suggested the royal meeting, introduced him, and later helped him translate his book into French. Often, scientific progress requires international collaboration and cooperation.

How Long Does Science Take?

How long does science take? Darwin predicted that a Madagascar orchid would be pollinated by a moth. It took 130 years for a scientist to photograph it happening. Here's why.

The Impact of One Science Teacher

Burn: Michael Faraday's CandleBook 1, Moments in Science Series On December 28, 1848, Michael Faraday gave a scient...

The First U.S. Law About Conservation

The Mims House children's nonfiction picture book EROSION, has been named a 2021 Notable Social Studies Book. It combines the story of soil erosion during the Dust Bowl years with the passage of the first U.S. law on conservation.

How Old is the Oldest Known Wild Bird in the World?

Wisdom, the Midway Albatross, is the oldest known wild bird in the world. At over 69 years old, here's the most amazi...

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