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Neighbors watch Goldilocks break into a house.

Goldilocks: The Fame-Name-Dame

Have You Heard of Goldilocks?

 “A funny, creative take on a well-known fairy tale.” Kirkus review

Have you heard of Goldilocks?

Of course, you have! She’s the name-fame-dame. That long-strong, bold-gold hair has earned her an international reputation.

And she knows it.

Goldilocks thinks she can do anything she wants.

Breaking and entering? No problem.

Theft? No problem.

Damaging property? No problem.

Until…the glitzy-see neighbors are tick-tock-talking. And they decide to take action.

Will Goldilocks be able to use her fame-name to get out of trouble? Or will she wind up in folktale-jail?

Kids Understand Justice

I recently read this Goldilocks version with some kids and we talked about whether or not Goldilocks should go to Folktale Jail. They understood instantly that Goldilocks has broken some rules! She broke into the three bear's house. She broke chairs (vandalism) and ate porridge (theft).

This book is a great way to discuss justice, or getting what you deserve. The kids were thinking about other folk tales and how other characters deserved to be punished for big or small deeds.

  • Snow White's step-mother has attempted murder.
  • The Big Bad Wolf has murdered Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother and is trying to murder Red.
  • Murder is afoot again in the tale of the Three Little Pigs. Big Bad Wolf again!

But other offenses abound in folktales, too. 

  • In the Piped Piper, children are kidnapped, never to return home.
  • Jack climbs the beanstalk to steal the goose-that-lays-the-golden-egg from the giants (who never harmed anyone!). 
  • In Rapunzel, a girl is kept locked up and isolated for years. Some would call that child abuse.

The Folktale Jail concept encourage kids to think about these stories and decide if the actions are worthy of being punished.

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