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Got ChromeBook? We Have eBooks!

This fall will be one of the most unique school years ever!

That's an understatement.

Are you going to be teaching online? Or, as a parent, are you trying to figure out the whole digital learning scene?

eBooks - The Time Has Come

Now is the time to give kids an ebook. 

But how?

Mims House ebooks are available for any device. ANY device.

iBooks and Kindles are easy. But what if you have a Chromebook?

sage and kind We tested and tested and tested the best way to read ebooks on Chromebooks. We assumed these requirements:


  1. eBooks can be read offline
  2. Free to download
  3. No advertising
  4. Will properly display a picture book (fixed format epub)

On the Chromebook store, there were about a dozen ebook readers.

The only one that fit all our requirements was the Readium App!


 Once you've downloaded the Readium app, try one of our ebooks.

 Use this discount to get ebooks for $0.99: eBook99

Take this opportunity to read one of the Mims House ebooks!

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