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Who Reads Picture Books?

Who Reads Picture Books?

When Mims House publishes children's picture books, we know that there are three distinctive audiences.

Child in the Lap

One audience for a children's picture book is the adult who reads to a child. I call this the "child in the lap" reading because the experience is as much about the child-adult relationship as anything. These books are meant to deepen a relationship, while entertaining both the child and the adult - a tricky job!

Here's a couple suggestions. Be sure to click on the covers for more information.


Leaning into relationships, this story is about kindness to strangers. It's a great opportunity to discuss how kids treat other kids. One parent says his daughter keeps asking, "Where's PeeWee now?" In other words, she wants more books about these lovable characters.

Greatest cover


Another relationship book is WONKY, a story of friendship between two robot enthusiasts. It takes place on the first day of school, but the emotional growth could be any time of year.

Wonky cover

Independent Reader

Some books are meant for the elementary reader to read alone. Often, the "child in the lap" book can double here as a book for an independent reader. These are meant for kids who can read independently (mostly) and are read for either pleasure and entertainment or for learning. When kids move to this level, it's time to shovel books at them! You want them to keep reading for pleasure and for learning because it will turn them into well-educated adults. (As we often say here: Kids grow into the books they read!) Here are a couple suggestions.


Popular on the EPIC! reading app, this series is finding an audience among kids who love the humor of becoming a dinosaur. Part of the appeal is that it is scientifically true - you could be part dinosaur! Books 2 and 3 come out in May. Eventually, they'll be on the EPIC! app, too, but probably not till fall. 

Dinosaur covers


Another popular independent reading series features viral kitten videos! On a night of destiny, three new kittens are born into a family of successful Kittytube actors. Will they become actors, too? These short chapter books are sure to keep independent readers - boys or girls - reading for a long time! (Be sure to check out the new coloring book, too!)
Kittytubers covers


Classroom Book

Some of our books are informative narratives, detailing the story of something in science and/or history. 


Biographies of individual animals (not a species) are highlighted in this fun series. These books double as independent reading books and classroom books. On their own, kids can enjoy these incredible animals stories. In a classroom, you can emphasize the animal kingdom as it the stories cover a bird, a mammal, a spider, an amphibian, and a reptile.

Another Extraordinary Animal covers


Our flagship series, MOMENTS IN SCIENCE, combines history and science in fascinating narratives of moments when science changed in some way. A discovery, an experiment, or even an amazing lecture--scientists move our knowledge forward in exciting ways. We're adding AQUARIUM to the series in June, so look for more on that title soon!

Moments in Science covers

Why do you and your kids read? Do you look for relationship books for that child in the lap moment? Independent books or classroom books? Mims House has books for all those categories!

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