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Children's Book Week - Football, Cities and Flags from Peter Willis

Children's Book Week - Football, Cities and Flags from Peter Willis

For Children's Book Week, we are featuring British illustrator, Peter Willis.

Speaking of cities, Peter Willis likes to draw buildings from specific cities, such as Brooklyn, Paris, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam. In Pollen, he shows Charles Darwin’s 1862 home, Down House.  Always, Peter looks for historical images of the story’s setting, trying to make sure the image is accurate; however, he brings his own artistic style to the art.

 Peter brings this artistic sense to both the outside and inside of a building. Darwin’s study is brought to life.

page from POLLEN

Join us tomorrow for a smackdown between A.I. and the world's champion 


Q:  I understand that you love football/soccer teams. If you played soccer, what position would you play and why is that the best place for you?

Hahaha - I never realized that that came over so much! When I played it was in the center of midfield as a defensive player. I wasn’t that good but I give it everything, and it helped that I can run all day.

See football/soccer images from Peter. 

Q: There are flags in many of your illustrations. Are flags just something you like a lot?

The flag question is a funny one, as I am not a big fan of flags really.

Although I am patriotic, and I do really like England and the UK, I don't really want to wave a flag in anyone's face. I see myself as being a citizen of the world and I love all other countries and all the great people in them.

I like drawing flags though, and I think they give the illustrations a good sense of place. Also, they are very identifiable and easy for kids to copy and draw themselves.



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