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Children's Book Week - See Illustrator Peter Willis's Studio

Children's Book Week - See Illustrator Peter Willis's Studio


British children's book illustrator Peter Willis is Mims House Books’ featured illustrator for Children’s Book Week 2022

When you feel creative, do you want a space alone by yourself? Or do you want to work in middle of everything? What do you think Peter Willis likes?

Childrens Book Illustrator Peter Willis


Q: Do you have a studio where you work?

No, I don’t! I work on my kitchen table at home in Newcastle. I like a lot of noise around me when I’m working so a lot of the time, we have friends popping in, traffic going by, people making a cup of tea etc.

When I’m working, I usually listen to the Football on the radio (Newcastle United) or I watch a DVD on my lap top of something that is a bit related to the book – So for The Nantucket Sea Monster I was watching Jaws or Moby Dick.

We have a caravan (travel trailer) just over the border in Scotland as well, so I do a lot of work there when it is too wet to go out – which is basically all the time!!!

 The Nantucket Sea Monster cover 

Q: With eight books out now and one more coming in 2023, which one is your favorite book?

That is incredibly difficult as I have really enjoyed doing every one of them for various reasons. If I was pushed, I would have to say The Nantucket Sea Monster as I have been on holiday in that area and have real affection for it. I also love the way America looked during that period (the 1930s). It seemed very colorful compared to what England looked like at the time.

While Peter is a book illustrator, he also does many other types of art. Come back tomorrow to see what else he’s working on!


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