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Nefertiti Takes to the Space Station!

Nefertiti Takes to the Space Station!

 I've never liked spiders. Imagine a room crawling and filled with spiders. That nightmare sparked my mom's fear of the eight-legged creatures. She made sure to remind me as a little girl just how creepy they could be, and so, I was never really fond of them.

There's a huge irony in writing this article, which is about a specific jumping spider you may be acquainted with. Her name is Nefertiti, and she has more of a science career than I ever will!

Nefertiti on the ISS

During her time in space, Nefertiti (the jumping spider!) stayed in the International Space Station (ISS). While there, the experiment monitored her behavior to see if she could adapt to micro-gravity. 

Ever wondered where in the world the ISS is? We have the answer! NASA has provided a website where you can view the track, and the various sighting locations of the International space station. Help kids understand where the ISS is located and when it may pass over your location.

Click the picture below to be brought to this website!

On the NASA website, you'll be able to receive alerts for when the space station is over your area, watch a live tracking app, and find out how to spot the station! This website is a great resource for teaching young astronomers about space. It's amazing that Nefertiti was on that very space station!


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