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Six Spectacular images from Eclipse!

Six Spectacular images from Eclipse!

Darcy Pattison's non-fiction children's books are an exciting and engaging way to learn the wonders of science while building their reading skills! Infact, just to show you how great these books are, here's six images from Pattison's Eclipse!


This page gives a worded explanation about the bending of light, as well as the scientists taking non-eclipse photos and eclipse photos!


The time for the eclipse is getting closer! Eddington (the guy with glasses) started a metronome to count the seconds, how long the eclipse would last. They only had 302 seconds in which to take photographs of the eclipse.


Before leaving for the field, scientists photographed the Hyades star. These were non-eclipse photos and would aid the scientists efforts to prove Einstein's theory of bent light. They would compare these Before pictures with the Eclipse photos, and measure any differences.


This image shows Edwin Cottingham (left), a clockwork expert, and Stanley Eddington (right), the man who photographed the eclipse.


This illustration acts as a visual representation of Einstein's theory about light bending around the sun due to the sun's size and gravitational pull. It's a great visual for students!


This picture shows the start of a solar eclipse while also providing an explanation of the eclipse phenomenon. Pattison does an excellent job of taking large scientific concepts such as these and presenting them as an understandable concept for kids.

Looking for more?

These aren't the only illustrations available. There's so many more to discover in Darcy Pattison's Eclipse. Click the image below to find out more!

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