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The Women in STEM

The Women in STEM

 I'm not a STEM minded person, and I greatly admire the ones that are--especially the women! There are so many details that are considered in scientific projects, and so many unexpected variables that crop up and have to be dealt with so that the test or experiment can smoothly and efficiently. Scientists show that they have a love for their craft, and here are a few Mims House stories about amazing women scientists!

Tu Youyou

A pioneer in medical science, Tu Youyou was charged by the Chinese Government during the Vietnam War to find a cure to Malaria.

Youyou tried hundreds and hundreds of extracts made from plants, but none were effective. Things were getting desperate, and people were dying, but Youyou still persisted in order to discover a cure.

Will she succeed? Her story makes for a fascinating and inspiring read. Pattison presents Youyou's work in a way that will inspire everyone, and the ways that scientific research can benefit the community, and the world at large.

Linda Cayot

Cayot has held a forty-year career in species conservation, and all of those years have been dedicated to restoring the Galapagos Giant Tortoise. She helped to place breeding programs in place when the tortoise population had less than 10% of their previous population, and because of those programs, Cayot enable the species to thrives.

Cayot's work is explored in Pattison's book, Diego. It places an emphasis on addressing endangered species, and how taking one small step of action at a time can put the species on a radical positive trajectory, and later restore the species from the endangered category.

Both the works of these scientists had profound effects on the world. They've inspire so many people and stories, such as Pattison's work about them! We would love for you to dive deeper into these stories. Click on any of the book covers above to explore the magnificent work of science these women have accomplished!

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