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Looking for a sign? Here's seven!

Looking for a sign? Here's seven!


Got Me a Cat is the newest release from Darcy Pattison. In this Halloween tale, a boy and a hearing-impaired girl are brought together as unlikely friends from signle uniting force: A cat.

In this story, Erika, a hearing impaired girl, occasionally communicates via sign language. These signs are accompanied with illustrations of that sign throughout the book. In fact, here's seven of them!

1. Cat

Cat is one of the first signs we see in the book. Pinch your thumb and forefinger by your mouth, and then pull it out. Like a cat whisker! Meow!
2. Book
Your hands fold open--Like a book! Simple!
3. Mom
You just open your hand and hold your thumb to your chin. Easy enough, right?
4. Dad
Following up with dad! It's the same sign as mom, only your hand is up at your forehead!
5. No
Take your middle and pointer finger, and bring them down to your thumb, like someone saying no! 
6. Yes
Make a fist with your thumb on the outside, and nod it up and down. You've signed yes!
7. Dog
Pat your fingers on the side of your hip, as if you were calling a dog! Afterwards, bring your hand up and snap your fingers.
Looking for more signs? Check out Darcy Pattison's Got Me a Cat, which is available now!
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