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Kell Crashes Down!

Kell Crashes Down!

Here are some facts about KellA little boy who’s out of this world!

Ready for a sci-fi chapter book for your emerging readers? Aliens Inc. is the right book series for you! Check out the facts bellow to learn more about these books!

1. Kell’s not from around here! 

Kell is, you guessed it, an Alien! Shipwrecked on the planet Earth, Kell and his family are challenged with adapting to earthling ways. Hilarity ensues as they navigate this new society 

2. Kell and his family are from the (imaginary) planet Bix.

Planet Bix is far, far away, and the aliens that live there not only lay eggs, but shed their skin once a month!

3. When he enters US schools, Kell is in the 3rd grade.

Ending up in a human classroom, Kell does his best to learn and adjust to the structure of an earthling classroom. By having a similar age to elementary readers, your students will love the adventures of Kell!

4. Kell’s family doesn’t know how to make money.

Being an alien on a different planet isn’t easy, especially when you have no idea how to make a living! Kell and his family must put their heads together, and figure out a way to make a living on this new planet.

5. Kell's neighbor is his BFF!

Her name is Bree, and she’s about to celebrate her 9th birthday with an alien-themed party! 

Kell and his family help to put on the party. An alien theme should be easy for kell and his family to help pull off, but there’s a problem: The Earthlings’ ideas of aliens are super wrong!

6. Bugs are NOT an alien’s best friend.

Kell isn’t well acquainted with bugs. Unfortunately, after arriving on earth, he discovers bugs can sting and bite! Ow! As if that weren’t enough, he discovers that he’s allergic to them.


Darcy Pattison’s Alien Inc. captures the charming and funny adventures of a little boy and his family in a new place. With a lexile level of 530L–550L, this makes for a perfect read for emerging readers in 3rd–5th grade.

Ready to read? Buy the series here!

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