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Engineering with Gingerbread!

Engineering with Gingerbread!

 It's that time of year again! Snow is falling, lights are strung up, and houses of gingerbread are being built to enjoy.

Ever wondered about the engineering behind a gingerbread house?

The Plan for the Gingerbread House!


This holiday story of snow and STEM written in lyrical rhyme encourages aspiring engineers to think of the classic gingerbread house in a new way. As teams of kids work together to put the best gingerbread house together, problems will pop up in their way. Cookies burn, the icing is too thin, the house caves in, someone's eating the decorations, and--Oh no!--They forgot the gingerbread boy and girl!

As the team faces problems, young engineers will learn the value in pushing through and overcoming the problems that arise during an engineering project. At the end, the young team evaluate their efforts and begin planning for a better, stronger gingerbread house.

FREE SEL Learning guide and LESSON PLAN!

After learning through a pandemic, kids have had to be resilient. When the gingerbread house collapses, how do the kids deal with failure? Together! They take on one problem at a time and find a solution. This book opens the way for conversations about taking risks, over coming challenges, and resiliency.

This FULL LESSON PLAN includes math, STEM challenges, ELA activities, recipes for ginger bread materials, AND MORE!

This holiday season is busy! Be sure to buy Plan for the Gingerbread House for YOUR Gingerbread Engineers today by clicking on the book cover above! You can also view the lesson plan on the same page.

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