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For kids who need to KNOW. To know MORE!

Need a read? Check out this FREE short story!

Need a read? Check out this FREE short story!


Jump into the world of Heartland with a FREE short story!

The Sage & King

Ironstone Soseki, daughter of the Zendi King and Sage-of-Sages, is thirteen has yet to have a vision. She's Silent.

Being Silent by thirteen isn't a good thing. According to her mother's prophecy, Ironstone would be like a Iodestone pointing toward the Zendi nation's destiny. But because she hasn't had a vision, she'll never be a sage, and is sent back to the Zendi capital.

But Ironstone won't be put down that easy. She turns her face to G'il Bab Mountains on a search for the Pendar Oracle. Will she succeed in finding a destiny for herself, the puppet king, and Heartland?

The Heartland Series!

If you found the free short story interesting, then you'll love the Heartland series! Tamora Pierce meets Rick Riordian in this fast-pace, action-packed fanatsy novel!

After a great loss, Win's heart is frozen. He cares for nothing.

But with a plague spreading across Heartland like a wildfire, he must use his Wayfinding skills to journey into the great Rift and find the Well of Life, whose waters contain the only cure to the plague.

But here's the catch: No one's ever returned from the rift.

But with the weight of Heartland's dependency on Win's shoulders, will he be able to put his loss behind him and fight for Heartland?

These novels are perfect for readers ages 8-14. This series also comes with a FREE discussion guide for SEL learning. Themes of discussion include friendship, identity, taking risks, over coming challenges, and resiliency. CLICK ON THE IMAGES ABOVE TO GET YOUR FREE SHORT STORY AND THE HEARTLAND SERIES!

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