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Here comes Eclipse!

Here comes Eclipse!

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane?

Nope! It’s an eclipse!

In today’s blog post, we’re giving the spotlight to a book that’s out of this world–Eclipse! Need an eclipse book for kids? Do you know a young astronomer? Eclipse is just the thing you need!


Einstein had a theory that explained how forces could push and pull objects in space, and that the sun’s gravity could pull and bend light. As crazy as the idea was at the time, in 1915, British astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington decided to test this theory, and they would need to photograph a solar eclipse.

Can they do it? Pattison’s Eclipse is a wonderful book to spark a love for science in your students that extends to the stars!

This nonfiction picture book breaks down a great big concept into small, manageable pieces that kids will understand.

This kids eclipse book is a wonderful tool to equip your budding astronomers with knowledge of a bigger concept, but taken in and explained in a comprehensive way.

  Daniel John Kennefick, Astrophysicist and Science Historian, says, "The text of the book is wonderfully clear and easy to follow, and the illustrations are great, both lively and informative. The story of the eclipse unfolds dramatically, and the science is explained vividly and correctly."

With these words in mind, it’s clear that Pattison has written this book in such a way that a vast number of students will be able to read and understand the words and concepts of this book. In addition to this, the facts in this book is reliable and has been reviewed by a scientist in the field. 

Looking for more information? Mims House has you covered! 

In the back of the book, you’ll find extra information on fascinating subjects such as Einstein, Eddington, and even the original photograph of the 1919 solar eclipse!

With this extra information, students will be encouraged to dive deeper into a new and fascinating area of science that they may have an interest in, and ignite a passion of learning that blasts off to the stars!



Need another moment in science? Check out the Mims House website for more! We’ve got all sorts of celebrated scientists and their extraordinary moments that made history!

Ranging from Darwin’s prediction of pollen, Tu YouYou finding the cure to malaria, and AI,  you’ll find something for every budding scientist in your class to enjoy! Check out the other Moments in Science books by clicking the image below.

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