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Let's Celebrate World Albatross Day!

Let's Celebrate World Albatross Day!

Celebrate World Albatross Day with Wisdom and Mims House!

With Wisdom the Midway Albatross as a part of the Extraordinary Animal series, we are celebrating World Albatross Day!

June 19th is World Albatross Day and is sponsored by the ACAP (Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels). This group organizes international projects to minimize threats to the different Albatross and Petrel species. 

Another organization that brings awareness to Albatross Conservation is the ABUN (Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature). Run by Kitty Harvill, illustrator of the Wisdom and Abayomi picture books, this group strives to bring awareness to conservation efforts through wildlife art, and are celebrating World Albatross Day. 

Projects of this group are located in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and even Antarctica! This group strives to bring awareness to conservation efforts through wildlife art, and is celebrating World Albatross Day.

This year’s Albatross Day features these two species: the Black-footed (Phoebastria nigripes) and the Laysan (P. immutabilis). These North Pacific species both have low-numbers of breeding seabirds due to predicted increased sea levels, flooding, and storms, all due to climate change. 


Michelle Risi, after an extended stay on Gough Island, has designed and produced eight posters featuring artworks made by Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature (ABUN) in collaboration with ACAP for this year’s World Albatross Day. Check out a few of the wonderful posters down below!




These posters are free to print in the buildup to World Albatross Day, and more can be found here and here!

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