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Children's Book Week, DAY 2 - Environment Books

Children's Book Week, DAY 2 - Environment Books

Mims Books Children's Book Week Challenge #2: Environment & Climate Books

Learn About Wildlife Corridors

Remember that we need to encourage kids to read widely while in elementary school! Today’s SuperPower Reading Challenge is to read books about the environment.

Abayomi cover

Scientists today use corridors to help species survive. A wildlife corridor is like a hallway between two habitats. The habitat might be a stand of woods or a swamp. The corridor lets individual animals travel back and forth between the habitats. This is important because isolated groups may die out, or become genetically unstable. When individuals travel between local habitats, they keep the population healthy.

We build corridors by making bridges or tunnels, over or under a road. Or, we create a protected strip of land along a river where wildlife can travel safely. Read about the Florida Wildlife Corridor: Think about where corridors are placed. What would happen if a corridor is placed in the wrong area?

In the Mims House book, Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub, a puma (mountain lion) family lives within sight of skyscrapers. Because it didn’t have wildlife corridors, the mother puma is trapped and dies, leaving her cub as an orphan. Read the poignant story of Abayomi, a wild puma cub who is orphaned.

This is an NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book.


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    Article by Darcy Pattison

    Children’s book author and indie publisher DARCY PATTISON writes award-winning fiction and non-fiction books for children. Five books have received starred PW, Kirkus, or BCCB reviews. Awards include the Irma Black Honor award, five NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books, two Eureka! Nonfiction Honor book, two Junior Library Guild selections, two NCTE Notable Children’s Book in Language Arts, a Notable Social Studies Trade Book, an Arkansiana Award, and the Susannah DeBlack Arkansas Children’s History Book
    award. She’s the 2007 recipient of the Arkansas Governor’s Arts Award for Individual Artist for her work in children’s literature. Her books have been translated into ten languages.

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