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How to Read Your eBooks


Download this simple 2-step instruction sheet. These directions are the same as on the pdf, but provided here for your convenience.

STEP ONE: Download the Bookfunnel App

Mims House Books uses to deliver ebook and audiobooks to our customers. You’ll need to download the Bookfunnel app to access your library of books. It’s available for all platforms. Download and install the Bookfunnel app on the app store for your device. 

Or find it here:

Install the app and create a Bookfunnel account.

WHY BOOKFUNNEL? Mims House uses Bookfunnel to manage and deliver our digital ebooks and audiobooks because they are the specialists. They will help you read on the device of your choice! 

STEP TWO: Download and Read Your Book(s)

When you purchase an ebook, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your book. Follow the directions in the email to download the ebook.

OR, you can log into your Bookfunnel app, and the ebook should appear in your library.

Once the ebook appears in your library, open it in the native book app for your system, either GoogleBooks for Androids/Chromebooks or Apple Books for Mac/iOS. Adjust the settings on your app to display as you prefer. See the following screenshots for the step-by-step process. If you have problems downloading or reading your ebook, please contact 


Bookfunnel Library
 Your Bookfunnel Library includes all the books purchased.

Screenshot #1

This is how the ebook will appear when you open it from the Bookfunnel Library.

If you are reading a Mims House novel click on, “Start Reading”.

If you are listening to a Mims House audiobook, click on “Start Listening”.

If you are reading a Mims House picture book, proceed to Screenshot #2.

Screenshot #2

If you are reading a Mims House picture book, do NOT “Start Reading”. This would open the ebook in the Bookfunnel app, which doesn’t work well for picture books. Instead click on “Send to Another App”. It will open a white box with menu options. Click on “Send to Another App.” OR, it may say "Send to Kindle," which is a misnomer because it just opens the Share App on your device.


If it opens this alternate screen that just says Send to Kindle, it's fine. Just skip the next step and open in Apple books.

Share App

Screenshot #3:

The app will download the ebook and then ask you to Open the Share Window.

Screenshot #4

Click to open the Share Screen. Locate the Apple Books app and click on it. For Androids/Chromebooks, the Share Screen will be similar, but you’ll open on the GoogleBooks app. 

Screenshot #5

Adjust the reading apps settings to your preferences. For example, on the Apple Books app, the ebook displays better with Vertical Scrolling turned off.

PROBLEMS? Book Funnel can help!

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