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Peter Willis, Children's Illustrator

Peter Willis, Children's Illustrator

Peter Willis, a British illustrator, has created art for nine Mims House books. The eight-book Moments in Science series has received starred Kirkus reviews, NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book, and Junior Library Guild selections. 

Peter creates digital collage technique art. Read about his technique in this interview: From the Sketchbook, Children's Book Council featured author.

Here are some of his images:

From: The Nantucket Sea Monster: A Fake News Story

  • NCTE Notable Children's Book in Language Arts
nantucketnantucket sea monster

Characters From: Pollen: Darwin's 130-Year Prediction

  • Junior Library Guild selection
  • Starred Kirkus review
  • NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book
Peter Willis sketchbook

From Burn: Michael Faraday's Candle

From Clang! Ernst Chladni's Science Experiments

  • NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book

From Eclipse: How the 1919 Solar Eclipse Proved Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

From Erosion: How Hugh Bennett Saved America's Soil and Stopped the Dust Bowl

This book is classic Peter Willis style digital collage. His Dust Bowl era characters bring the story to life. The book was named an NSSTA Notable Social Studies book. 



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