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The Aliens, Inc. Series

Welcome! You've read KELL, THE ALIEN! Now, you'd like to continue the journey with Book 2, Kell and the Horse Apple Parade!

Great! We're excited that you and your kids want to know more about this lovable alien family and their friends. 

“Amusing, accessible, engaging” Publisher’s Weekly

Kell and the Horse Apple Parade


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Fun and Humor: Super Heroes, Super Heroines, and a Parade!

For Kell, the Friends of Police Parade is a big deal, his first Earthling parade. With Bree’s help, he must figure out how to deal with City Hall, figure out fund-raising and find super heroes and super heroines to march in the parade.

To make things worse, Principal Lynx believes someone in third grade in an alien, and she has a new Alien Catcher App on her smart phone. Survival on planet Earth just got harder for the Smiths, those friendly aliens from Bix.

Will the Society of Alien Chasers catch Kell and his family? Or will they outsmart Mrs. Lynx again.



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