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Amanda Zimmerman, Illustrator

Amanda Zimmerman, Illustrator

Children's book illustrator AMANDA ZIMMERMAN has worked as an art director, science illustrator, and librarian. 

To feed her passion for nonfiction children's books, she's spent many hours at natural history, art, and science museums delving into the mysteries of dinosaurs, bugs, birds, animals of all shapes and sizes, and even those wily ancient humans. 

She has worked with curators, biologists, and engineers to create illustrations for projects ranging from rainwater management to a book on Arabian rock art. Her illustrations have been featured in a variety of scientific journals, a gallery show about seahorses and their kin, and the science illustration exhibit Focus on Nature XII at the New York State Museum. Her debut picture book, DIEGO, THE GIANT GALAPAGOS TORTOISE, released in 2022, and was named a Eureka! Nonfiction Honor book by the California Reading Association.

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