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Books for Gen Alpha: Where the eBook becomes the aBook!

GENAlpha - born 2010-2024

You - their parents - know tech. You're a first-generation digital native. publishes books for elementary students - the GEN Alpha kids. 
Does it make sense to give them Boomer Tech to read a book? Heck, print books are Medieval Tech. 
Instead, they need aBooks. 

aBook = eBook for the Alpha Generation

Sure, we're playing around with language here. But we think it matters. believes that kids need to read. Does it matter if that's print or ebooks? No.
So, let's give the Alphas an aBook. They'll thank you!


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You'll get a chance to try reading a picture book on your device. We've made it simple! The full-color book is displayed beautifully in either the iBook or the GooglePlay app. It's a simple process to put the book onto your own device.

(But then, you know tech - I don't have to tell YOU that it's easy.)

Phone? Simple. The pinch-zoom makes it easy to read the text and move around the image for a closer look.

Tablet? Simple. Pinch-zoom. Read over and over.

It's time to give Alphas a book in their own tech. 

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 Wait. I thought kids weren't supposed to be spending that much time on screens. The fact is we don't have research to say definitely one way or another. For preschoolers, experts tend to agree that less screen time is best.

But for school age kids, ebooks are a fact of life. In fact, on the popular EPIC! reading app, Forbes magazine reported that in 2020 kids read one billion ebooks

The Alpha Generation moves fluidly from print to ebooks. After the novelty of an ipad wears off, they are nonchalant about which format they read. It makes sense.

They are second-generation digital natives. Going from print to ebooks IS NORMAL FOR THEM!


Sign up now for $10 Off your first aBooks!



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