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Father's Day Gift

Daughters: The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day!

But are you ready for Father's Day? Need present ideas?

Only 49 more shopping days till your daughter needs to surprise her dad with something special! (Or the father figure in her life.)

On this special occasion, the father-daughter bond shines and the best Father's Day gift is - well, a relationship. How can you build the relationship between father and daughter into something stronger and more special? You need a unique gift with a special message.

Rowdy cover

Rowdy: The Pirate Who Could Not Sleep includes a strong female character who becomes a pirate captain who battles with sea creatures and the wild seas. Her name is Captain Whitney Black McKee, a strong pirate name! But after a big sea battle and chase, she couldn't sleep! She sent her crewmen searching for a lullaby, but how do you steal a song?

From Rowdy

They stole a music box - but it did not bring her sleep

Music Box from Rowdy

They stole a book of songs - but it did not bring her sleep.

Singing from Rowdy

They stole a conch shell and play a tune upon it - but it did not bring her sleep.

Conch song from Rowdy

At last, the cabin boy brought an old pirate to her.

The Captain bellows, "It's me own dear Pappy I spy!"

Pappy song from Rowdy

When her father sings her a lullaby, Captain Whitney Black McKee finally sleeps.

Pappy singing from Rowdy

The story speaks of the deep relationship between a father and daughter, and how something as simple as a lullaby can speak to that. A whole lot of stuff can't replace a simple song.

The special relationship with her father began with his lullabies. Without his special song, she cannot sleep.

This story takes the sentimental route because the father-daughter relationship is strong, and yet, it allows the daughter to follow her dreams and become a strong personality in her own right. Her father spent time with her, singing lullabies, when it mattered so when she's older, she still needs his special touch.

Isn't THAT the kind of Dad you want? 

(I keep wanting to write about my Daddy, a cowboy, who sang to us. MY DADDY SINGS is a story tucked in the back of my heart - maybe someday, it will come out.)

Illustrator Eva O'Neill uses charming cut paper collage to bring the story to life with vibrant illustrations. O'Neill has also illustrated the Read and Write 4-book series, with fun and charming illustrations of cousins Dennis and Mellie in their search for the perfect dog or cat for each family. The books include sample essays to help kids learn to write opinion, narrative, or informative essays. O'Neill brought that experience to this book to create a father-daughter story with deep emotional strength.

In the list of father duties, singing lullabies is one that will create a special bond. Don't believe me?

Watch these fathers read ROWDY to their daughters. With love!

I asked three fathers to read with their daughters. Watch them read and notice how each one emphasizes different phrases. Giving a father a reason and an appropriate book to read with their daughter makes the book one of the best Father's Day gifts. You aren't just giving a book. Instead, it's a great gift to connect the family in a unique way. Any little girl and her best dad will come out spending time together with a stronger relationship. Is this a sentimental gift? Yes! Just don't tell that to the Dad!

Celebrate Father's Day - Bedtime Story about a Girl Pirate


One Dad, Three Daughters - Reading a Bedtime Story. ROWDY: THE PIRATE WHO COULD NOT SLEEP

A Girl Pirate Captain Can't Sleep Without her Daddy's Lullaby. A Father-Daughter Bedtime Book!

Make This Father's Day Special!

For what type of Dad does this children's picture book make a unique and fantastic gift? Any dad! New dads, it's never too early to start reading with kids, even babies. Dads with a sense of humor? The best gift ever! Loving Dads who don't usually read? This is the best gift ever because it's short and easy to read! Sports loving dads? That dad can encourage his daughter to become "rowdy" and grow up to become something unexpected and wonderful.

For any Dad/Father who wants quality time with his daughter, building the habit of bedtime reading is a worthy goal. Adding in a lullaby is a special touch.

Forget the golf ball, the classic mug, the duffle bag, the hot sauce, the apple watch, the bluetooth speaker, photo frames, or Dad's sweet tooth. Those are just things. Instead, this extra special gift builds the father-daughter relationship - just like he wants!

Remember: Only 49 More Shopping Days till Father's Day! 

Order this unique Father's Day gift, ROWDY. 

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