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Hate to teach writing? Then you need these 4 books!

Hate to teach writing? Then you need these 4 books!

Teaching writing can be a challenge to everyone, both teachers and students. Students may find it boring, or disengaging, while teachers may struggle to explain the process and concept to students who find the subject tedious.

But not to worry! Mims House has you covered. Introducing: the Read and Write Series by Darcy Pattison. This collection of four books brings exciting tales paired with a different type essay for each book, the writing process behind each kind.

With each of these books comes lesson plans, printables, mentor examples, graphic organizers, and videos that walk through teaching writing that make it enjoyable for you and your students. Alongside these, you can also order exclusive, 100 lined page notebooks, the perfect tool to accompany the Read and Write Series!

You can print and view the lesson plans for this series here.

Without further ado, here are the four books that YOU need to make writing fun for your students!

1. I Want a Dog

Cousins Mellie and Dennis think they’re ready to get a dog. As they carefully observe and use criteria to narrow the preferred species for each family. A story about family, information on dog breeds, an example of responsible dog ownership, and a way to teach your students to write an opinion essay that will entertain them along the way! 

KEY COMPONENT: Teaching kids to use criteria to form opinions.

2. I Want a Cat

Once again displaying an enjoyable and easy way to teach your students how to write an opinion essay, I Want a Cat takes on yet another opinion essay. But this time is focused on our feline friends. Cousins Mellie and Dennis decide that it’s time to get a cat. After carefully examining the different species of cat, Ellie decides for that to be her opinion essay for her teacher, Mr. Eagle. With this essay in hand, will she convince her parents?

KEY COMPONENT: Teaching kids to use criteria to form opinions.

3. My Crazy Dog

It’s time for a checkup! Mom and Dennis have to take Clark Kent, the Bernese Mountain Dog, to the vet to get his shots! As they try to put a leash on Clark, he gives them a merry chase that later inspires Dennis’s narrative essay! As the third installment of the Read and write Series, this action-packed tale, your students will be guided through the process of writing a narrative essay that’s hassle free and fun!

KEY COMPONENT: Teaching kids to use sensory details to expand a story.

4. My Dirty Dog

It’s time to party! The family gathers together to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. Dennis and Mellie spend the day at the K-9 Karnival with their family. After getting their faces painted, learning how to give a dog a bath, and marching in a parade, they write informative essays about their day. As the fourth installment of the Read and Write Series, this book focuses on the process of writing a narrative essay in a way that entertains while teaching.

 KEY COMPONENT: Teaching kids to use sensory details, numbers, and facts to expand an informative essay. This book includes two sample essays to use as mentor texts. First, there's a "how-to" essay for younger students, followed by a paragraph informative essay for older students.

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