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It's Never Too Early for Christmas! DOWNLOAD THE LESSON PLAN

It's Never Too Early for Christmas! DOWNLOAD THE LESSON PLAN

 What kind of person are you? Does Christmas start before thanksgiving? Before Halloween, even?

Well, it's not even Halloween yet, but it's never too early for Christmas! It's a busy season for everyone, and that's why it's important to start preparing. It's one less thing to do when the actual season comes around.

You're gonna need a Christmas read, and we've got one! And it comes with a complete ELA/STEM lesson plan for grades 2-5. DOWNLOAD THE LESSON PLAN.

The Plan for The Gingerbread House. This is a FANTASTIC book to have your classroom. Not only does it have a holiday theme, but it's also a STEM book!
Follow a team of children as they learn to work together, face adversities, push to the finish, and learn from their mistakes!
This book will give your budding engineers a great insight to what the process of building, constructing, and team work looks like.
Lessons of perseverance abound in this holiday tale!
The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and to make sure you get this book on time, we recommend ordering it as soon as possible! The Plan for The Gingerbread House is an engaging and educational tale written in a lyrical rhyme. It's sure to please! Click the image below to purchase in preparation for the busy holiday season!
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