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Alien Books For You to Recommend for 2nd-4th or 5th-8th Grade Kids

Alien Books For You to Recommend for 2nd-4th or 5th-8th Grade Kids

At Mims House, we have two distinctive types of science fiction alien books. These children's books are designed for different grade levels and reading levels - there's something here for children of all ages. This is creative writing at its best!

For younger kids (6-10 year olds), THE ALIENS, INC. SERIES is a four-book series about the alien next door.

For middle grade readers (10-14 year olds), THE BLUE PLANET WORLS SERIES is a three-book novel or chapter books series. It includes a free short story that introduces kids to the alien world.

The Alien Next Door - 3rd Grade Book

THE ALIENS, INC. SERIES - A Humorous Chapter Book Series for ages 6-10

The Aliens, Inc.

When the new kid in town is an alien, 3rd grade gets exciting. Kell and his family are from the planet Bix, located somewhere in outer space. When they shipwreck on planet earth, they must figure out how to adapt until they are rescued. Starting on his first day of school, these alien stories focus on Kell, who is looking for a best friend. Or at least some friends! Oh, the family needs to figure out how to earn a living, too. 


Aliens, inc.


But Principal Lynx heads up the Alien Chaser's Society, and she's sure there's an alien in third grade - if she can just figure out which kid is alien. Or if there's an alien hiding in a human body.

From hiding zig-zag fingerprints to protecting his brother's egg, Kell is in for an exciting year.

Those lovable aliens from the planet Bix

  • Shed their skin monthly
  • have zigzag fingerprints
  • Hate bugs
  • Hatch from eggs
  • Need to make a living on Earth
  • Need to avoid the Alien Chaser’s Society
Aliens, inc.

Fortunately, Kell meets some great 3rd graders. 

Aliens, Inc.

Book 1: Kell, the Alien

Publisher’s Weekly called Book 1, The Aliens Inc. Series  “amusing” and “engaging and accessible.”  

SLJ says, “This fun chapter book series is out of this world.”

    Shipwrecked on earth and desperate to make money, an alien family decides to make a living by opening Aliens, Inc., an intergalactic event-planning business master-minded by 9-year-old alien boy, Kell Smith.

     Kell discovers that his neighbor, Bree Hendricks, turns 9-years-old next month and she wants a party with an alien theme. That should be simple as flying from star to star. But things aren’t that easy: Earthling’s ideas about aliens are totally wrong. Even worse, 

Principal Lynx is a UFO-Chaser and suspects aliens around every corner. 

     Will the Aliens totally blow the Aliens Party? Will Principal Lynx capture Kell and his family and them over to the government?

Book 2: Kell and the Horse Apple Parade

Shipwrecked on earth and desperate to make money, an alien family decides to make a living by opening Aliens, Inc., an intergalactic event-planning business master-minded by 9-year-old alien boy, Kell Smith. 

The Friends of Police organization needs help with its yearly fund-raising parade and the Smiths get the job. But Principal Lynx believes someone in third grade is an alien, and she scans each student with her new Alien Catcher app. Kell and his friend and neighbor, Bree Hendricks, deal with City Hall, figure out fund-raising, and keep the Parade marching. When Mrs. Lynx and the Society of Alien Chasers (S.A.C.) search the Parade for aliens, Kell must find a way to keep his family safe. This is another exciting adventure from the fun-loving aliens from the planet Bix.

Book 3: Kell and the Giants

If you’re an alien on Earth, you have one giant secret to keep. After a while, even friends want to tell your secret. Kell and Bree plan a birthday party with giants—Big Foot, Cyclops, Goliath and the Jolly Green Giant—while they struggle with keeping their own giant secret. But they have an even bigger problem: Principal Lynx and the Society of Alien Chasers is back with a dog trained to sniff out an alien in a crowd. When Mom is stung by a bee, Kell must find a doctor who can keep a giant secret, too. Will Aliens, Inc. be able to pull off the Giant Party and keep everyone happy? 

Principal Lynx and the Society of Alien Chasers is back with a dog who can sniff and point out aliens. How can Kell, Bree and the gang avoid the dog and still pull off a GIANT birthday party?

Kell is afraid of Earth bugs: flies, wasps and now, bees. How can he survive on Earth with such creatures chasing him all the time?

Book 4: Kell and the Detectives

Kell makes a startling discovery: he has zigzag fingerprints. Worse, Mrs. Lynx and the Society of Alien Chasers know about the fingerprints, and they are on the hunt. But the stakes are higher than ever because Kell’s mom has just laid a beautiful green egg. With Mrs. Lynx on the prowl, can Kell and Bree keep the egg safe?


Aliens, Inc.


Young readers will enjoy these humorous stories! Click on the cover for more information.

THE BLUE PLANETS WORLD SERIES - An Alien Book List for Middle Grade Readers

These middle grade books take the reader from the depths of the Earth to the farthest reaches of the universe!


The Blue Planets World series


A planet far beyond the solar system

alien invasion

they need a new planet

new generation will live on Earth

goes to an Earth high school


He comes from an alien world.
But he's the best hope for Earth.

In this coming of age science fiction story, Jake Rose--who is half Earthling and half alien--must discover the truth of what the Risonian aliens have been doing on earth. He joins his human grandparents on Bainbridge Island, and goes to an Earth high school. But he finds an alien sleeper cells hiding in Puget Sound. Could this be an alien invasion?

They're desperate! Their world is dying, and they need a new planet. A place where the next generation can grow up. They can breathe in air or water, so they only need to live in Earth's oceans.

Jake must stop those--on both sides--who would sabotage the Risonian's only hope for survival. But strangely, he finds that he's also Earth's only hope for survival. Read SLEEPERS to find out how he survives.

SIRENS, Book 2

He's an alien. She's not quite human.
Can they survive an epic battle under the sea?

In the next book, when the seas are accidentally poisoned by the aliens from Rison, Jake Rose--a teen who is half-human and half-alien--must question everything he's believed about planet Earth. He tracks his ailing girlfriend, Em, to Edinburgh, Scotland. From a distance, the North Sea looks serene. But underneath lies a shocking secret.

When the Risonian world is threatened with implosion, they seek refuge on another blue planet. Will this aquatic alien species (alien mermen and merwomen) be welcome in Earth's oceans, or will the entire race be lost when their planet self-destructs?

This story has everything we love in a coming of age action movie: crazy battles, shocking revelations, and a gentle romance unfolding in the midst of a storm. Read SIRENS to find out what happens next.


In a break-neck race across the galaxy to the other blue planet, Jake Rose, a half-human and half-alien teen, arrives on the doomed planet Rison in search of a cure for a deadly alien illness, a rescue mission. The stakes are higher than ever in this final story because his girlfriend, Em, is dying. Unless they find a cure, the entire Phoke race may die.

Jake finds his foster father just as aloof as ever and unwilling to help. This dangerous whirlwind journey to Rison, the doomed volcanic planet, is a story of survival, power and epic sacrifices.

As earthquakes rumble and the planet's core starts to collapse, Jake must find an elusive starfish. Or all is lost.

He'll never back down, even if it costs him everything.

Come join his quest! Visit Rison, the most interesting place in the universe - before it's too late.


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