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SLEEPERS, Book 1, The Blue Planets World Series

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about the book

Teen Science Fiction Novel Series - Alien First Contact

". . .an astute piece of characterization. . . readers should approve. A solid beginning to a trilogy that addresses all sorts of teenage alienation." Kirkus Review 


Earth finally receives a message from space:
“You only live on land. Allow us to live in the seas.”

Rison will implode soon. They desperately need a new blue planet, a water planet. But Earth is crowded. Will humans be able to open their hearts to an alien race?


Action-packed Science Fiction Trilogy

A rogue militia.

A diabolical sabotage.

Is an alien teen is the only hope for either blue planet?

Sleepers is the first book of an action-packed science fiction trilogy that forces a dying world to beg for refuge on Earth. A test-tube baby, fifteen-year-old Jake Rose is half human and half alien.

After living with his mother on Rison for most of his life, he finally comes to Earth to live with his human father’s grandparents on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound.

His mother, Dayexi Quad-de is Rison’s ambassador to Earth. She’s tasked with finding Risonians a new home on Earth in a peaceful manner.

Jake accidentally discovers that Earth’s elite ELLIS forces are tying to sabotage Mt. Rainier and make it explode so that they can blame it on the Risonian aliens.

Can Jake stop them in time?

Or will they ruin the Risonians chances at a refuge on Earth?

lesson plans

For SEL discussions, this book is perfect for discussions of friendships, identity, taking risks, overcoming challenges, and resiliency. 

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