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Penelope and Santiago: Sailing the Seven Seas

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about the book

Unlikely Tale of Following Your Dream

Middle Grade Fantasy - Sailing the Seven Seas

Santiago Talbert thinks only of one thing: sailing the Seven Seas.

When he meets Penelope in a barnyard sty, the two pigs escape and find their way to the wider world. 

Determined, they try to convince sea captains that pigs can sail. But no one will take them on.

No one safe, that is.

Then Ice King, Captain Kingsley offers them a place on his ship, the Hallowe’en. They must choose: give up the dream of sailing, or try to survive sailing under the Ice King’s command. There’s danger on every side!

From the fascinating world of tall ships comes this unlikely tale of humble pigs who follow their dream. Come and join the Talberts on their journey.

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