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    The Plan for the Gingerbread House

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    Pattison’s text begs to be read aloud and Joven’s spreads offer dynamic visuals…”—Kirkus Reviews


    DOWNLOAD GINGERBREAD HOUSE LESSON PLAN - Complete ELA/STEM Lesson Plan for Grades 2-5.

    Teams of kids are baking, building, and decorating. The project guidelines are clear: the winning house must stand upright on its own and a gingerbread boy and girl must fit inside.

    Sounds easy? It would be except…cookies burn, the icing is too thin, the house caves-in, someone is eating the candy decorations, and—oh!—they forgot about the gingerbread boy and girl.

    Follow the team as they struggle to create the perfect gingerbread house. Young engineers will learn to overcome problems and press on to a finished house. At the end, they evaluate their efforts and plan for a better gingerbread house.

    Need a winter STEM engineering project that includes a lesson plan?

    This book inspires the budding engineers to think about the classic gingerbread house in a new way. Written in a lyrical rhyme, it’s sure to please the language arts folks, too.


    In the midst of the COVID pandemic this last year, kids have had to be resilient. This book helps teachers and parents discuss overcoming challenges. In the story, the gingerbread house falls apart! How do kids deal with failure, taking risks and overcoming challenges? They do it together! By taking one problem at a time and finding a solution. 

    A project may look like a disaster. But when kids persevere, they'll see that they can find a place where "...lights twinkle and shine." 

    Combine SEL and STEM, using this book for discussions of taking risks, overcoming challenges, and resiliency. 

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