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Book 2, A Little Bit of Dinosaur Series


The series has 4.3 Million Reads on the EPIC! app!


Book 1, A Little Bit of Dinosaur has quickly become a beloved children's book.

A Little Bit of Dinosaur
  • 2 million reads on the EPIC app!
  • Starred Kirkus Review
  • Eureka! Nonfiction Honor book (California Reading Association)
  • “…entertaining tale… A science-centric winner, especially for young dinosaur lovers.” Kirkus starred review

  • “…an engaging scientific concept… bright, comical cartoon artwork…” School Library Journal

  • 2021 Arkansiana Award from the Arkansas Library Association

Book 2 builds on this popularity and takes the continuing story in a different direction. This time, the story follows the carbon cycle.

Did you know that you have a little bit of dinosaur in you?

And it’s your brother’s fault. That egg fight meant there was only two eggs left and one of them had a carbon atom that used to be in the bones of a Spinosaurus.

This humorous story follows a carbon atom as it journeys from dry bones to your spinal column – and beyond!

Book 1, A Little Bit of Dinosaur has quickly become a beloved book. It received a starred Kirkus review and has had over 1 million reads on the EPIC! app. A Little Bit of THIS Dinosaur continues the playful humor around the amazing circle of life—or the conservation of mass—and adds touch of empathy.

Sisters Elleen Hutcheson and Darcy Pattison team up to bring the circle of life to kids. Each is shaking her finger at their mother wondering why she fed them those scrambled eggs.


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