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Goldilocks - Creative, Funny Take on Well-Known Fairy Tale

Kids instinctively know right v. wrong!

They KNOW that Goldilocks was stealing.

Kirkus Reviews says: “A funny, creative take on a well-known fairy tale.”

Have you heard of Goldilocks? OR Goldielocks? Of course, you have! She’s the name-fame-dame. That long-strong, bold-gold hair has earned her an international reputation.

And she knows it.

Goldilocks thinks she can do anything she wants.

Breaking and entering? No problem.

Theft? No problem.

Damaging property? No problem.

Until…the glitzy-see neighbors are tick-tock-talking. And they decide to take action.

Will Goldilocks be able to use her fame-name to get out of trouble? Or will she wind up in folktale-jail?

This fun spoof on Goldilocks is rollicking with word play:

“Papa Troll clomped-stomped. ‘Someone ate my meal for real. It’s all woebegone-gone.’”

 This retelling of the folk/fairy tale creates a children’s picture book that is sure to become a read-aloud classic.

Perfect for SEL discussions of honesty, self-control, and identity. 

Discuss Kids' Values and Sense of Right v. Wrong

After reading this story together, kids will volunteer examples of other folktale characters who deserve to go to Folktale Jail!

  • the witch who gave Sleeping Beauty a poison apple - that's a murder attempt!
  • the witch who locked Rapunzel in a tower - that's kidnapping!
  • Can your child think of more?

Neighborhood Watch

This book is also a perfect introduction to neighborhood watches. The glitzy-see neighbors keep watch over the troll's house and eventually help Goldilocks get caught.

Download a Goldilocks activity sheet and worksheets. 


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