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THE KITTYTUBERS - Cat Book Series 

"...Pattison's characters delight..." Kirkus Review of Book 1

Kittywood is all abuzz trying to guess which of the 27 kittens will be cut. Angel and Jazz hope to make the final twenty, but to do that, they need views. That means, more pressure on every video. They need stronger ideas and better acting.

To make it even harder, Director Stanley gives them all a new challenge. Ex-Marine Captain Piper Crouch will teach the kittens acrobatics.

Angel is shocked! From a height of ten feet, they expect her to do a double flip and land safely. Landing isn’t the problem for cats, of course. It’s the double-flip. It becomes Angel’s new passion.

In this continuing chapter book series of The KittyTubers, the kittens grow and mature, developing their acting skills. Join the kittens as they work—and hope—for stardom!

For SEL discussions, this book is perfect for discussions of friendships, identity, taking risks, overcoming challenges, and resiliency. 


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