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Follow a boy as he works through small, medium and big choices. Kids will gain confidence in their own ability to make wise choices with a growth mindset.

Kids can become resilient, confident and happy when they are mindful of their choices. TheyÕll learn to set goals, visualize their dreams and stay focused. Making choices is a normal part of a childÕs life. In this fun, colorful book kids will learn that there are small, medium and big choices. For the small choices, they can casually make a decision. For medium choices, they need to think and to take time to make the choice. For big choices, kids are encouraged to ask for help. DonÕt sweat the small ones, be reasonable on the medium choices, and get help on the big choices.

A boy chooses which shoes to wear to school and is comfortable making a mixed-up choice because itÕs a small decision. He thinks hard about his grandmotherÕs birthday presentÑa medium decisionÑbecause he loves her and cares what she thinks. When he has to choose a sport, he asks Mom and Dad for advice. Big decisions should be talked about so all the variables are considered.

Take the stress out of decision making for your children reading this book together. I Can Make Wise Choices encourages discussion of the options youÕre considering as part of the decision-making process. Give your child confidence that they can make the wise choices.

Wise choices depend on the complexity of the problem. Help your child sort out their options, discuss their priorities, and become confident in their decisions.

The final pages are designed to facilitate discussion between teachers/parents and the child. ItÕs particularly important to discuss ÒWHYÓ a child favors one option over another. Bring the thinking part of decision to the forefront to guide the process.

Parents and teachers will find this a helpful book to read with kids. Discussion pages encourage kids to explain WHY theyÕd make this choice or that. Read this book with your child today to give them confidence that they can make wise choices.


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