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Homeschool World - Thanks!

Homeschool World - Thanks!

Dear Homeschooler,

Thanks for listening to us talk about Mims House Books and how they might fit into your teaching and your kids' literary lives.

But really, I want to thank you for taking the time to be with your kids in one of the most meaningful ways possible. Homeschooling is a commitment, a life style. It means saying, "No," to so many things, because you are prioritizing your kids and their education. I spent twelve years homeschooling, and I know it's a sacrifice.

You will come out of these years with a confidence that you've helped your family grow, you've steered the course of their lives in deep, significant ways. You may be a lawyer who's decide to stay home and educate your kids, or perhaps, you were a classroom teacher. Maybe you're a farmer, and the kids' education is intertwined in the farming life. Or perhaps you're a military family and homeschooling was a way to give stability in the midst of constant moves.

Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, homeschooling is a big choice! 

The Importance of Homeschooling

The theologian Francis Schaeffer wrote an essay about being content where you're placed. He said there are "No Little People, No Little Places." Society tends to say that if you homeschool, it's wasted time. You could be doing BIGGER things.

Instead, I've lived on the principle that children are NOT little people. A home school is NOT a little place. Your impact on the world can be just as great from the position of homeschooling as any other job you might have.

Teach on! Thanks for all you do!


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