Because they grow into the books they read!

RESOURCES to Support Your Homeschool


Non-fiction picture books add multi-dimensional learning into learning. They often span subjects and you can use them to teach or enhance teaching in ELA, STEM/STEAM, and so much more.

Because I was a homeschooling mom myself, I am often inspired to create support materials to share with those currently in the trenches. I’ve bundled the books into categories, discounted them for you, and pooled together some additional resources. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

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Download Nonfiction Teacher's Guides

And here are some resources you can use to enhance learning with these books.

Animal Biographies

Animal Biographies Lesson Plans

burn cover

BURN was featured in "Understanding Chemical and Physical Changes," by Christine Anne Royce, Science & Children, January, 2020. You can find this article here. (Free to NSTA members, small charge for others.)

Clang cover

If you are teaching about sound, you may love the ideas and activities in this teacher's guide for CLANG! which was named an NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book.

Pollen cover

Hopefully, you aren’t among the population getting a hands-on science experiment in just how the body reacts to pollen. But, if you are (or even if you’re not) here’s a link to read about the PETER Willis, illustrator of POLLEN and the rest of the Moments in Science series, and you can do so indoors! Peter Willis was also featured on the Children's Book Council website. Learn about his illustration technique here


For ECLIPSE, grab your copy of the book and watch this short video clip to see how the corners flip to show an eclipse!


Named a 2021 NCSS Notable Social Studies book, EROSION dives into the causes and remedies of the Dust Bowl era. The Library of Congress maintains an amazing collection of photos from this time period. As you study this event in U.S. history, research the photo collection and write about the images.  

Critical Thinking: Ask “What are some things we do now to minimize the chances of this happening again?”

“What are other environmental concerns due to farming that need to be considered?”


What's the difference between a frog and a toad? This teacher's guide has four days of discussions of all things froggy!

Read and Write

When you add the The Read and Write Series Printable Pack to these stories, it becomes a simple writing lesson. Download printables here. 

FICTION – Discussing literature 

Discounted Bundles

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Download Teacher's Discussion Guides


The Heartland series talks about the importance of an individual. Download the HEARTLAND discussion guide here.  

Blue Planets

One of the key issues of THE BLUE PLANETS WORLD series is immigration, especially when people are fleeing a natural disaster or a war-torn land. How we treat others during their times of distress say a lot about our own values. A second issue in this science fiction world is to have fun extrapolating today’s science into the future. Is there any way to escape from a black hole? Maybe!

DOWNLOAD the discussion guide for THE BLUE PLANETS WORLD series.

Loaded with information and fun, this teacher’s guide will help your kids discuss and interact with ideas in The Aliens, Inc. series

A Little Bit of Dinosaur

This fun book follows a calcium atom from the toe-bone of a T-rex to a kid's jaw bone. Discussion guide for the picture book,  A LITTLE BIT OF DINOSAUR.

  11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph

11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph. When her father is deployed overseas, a girl decides that it is NOT a family photo album while Dad is away. She sets about ruining every family photo taken that year. Read this discussion guide. Great for patriotic holidays.

  Rowdy cover

 Watch a father read ROWDY to his daughter. Then watch three more Dads reading to their daughters in the Fathers and Daughters Connect with Pirate Book Playlist


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