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Scavenger Hunt

Good morning Homeschoolers and Thank Goodness it’s Friday Funday! It has been wonderful spending time with all of you...

Homeschool World - Thanks!

Dear Homeschooler, Thanks for listening to us talk about Mims House Books and how they might fit into your teaching a...

Reading Aloud with Kids

Author Darcy Pattison talks about the importance of reading aloud with kids to strengthen relationships, introduce them to big ideas, and develop their character.

RESOURCES to Support Your Homeschool

NONFICTION RESOURCES Non-fiction picture books add multi-dimensional learning into learning. They often span subjects...


Homeschooling is a fertile soil. As you serve your family, you learn about yourself and you grow. Be inspired by children's book author Darcy Pattison's experience in homeschooling.

Meet Darcy Pattison

Children's book author Darcy Pattison started writing when she taught her four children in homeschool. See her story here.
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