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The Audiobook Narrator's World - An Interview with Josiah John Bildner

Audiobook narrators are a special breed of actors. They make the written word come alive with their voice alone. Unlike theater or movie actors, you don't see their movements or facial expressions. It's their voice alone that fascinates.


Today, we'll interview one of our favorite audiobook narrators, Josiah John Bildner.

Audiobook Narrator - Josiah John Bildner

When you narrate or read a story for an audiobook, how is it different from when you just read a story to your kids?

It is actually very similar!  When I read to my kids I use silly voices and get into the emotion of the story.  I've always enjoyed reading to my kids and that was kind of the beginning of my voice over journey.  I've also enjoyed doing theater all my life.  Both of which work well for me when doing voice over.

Describe the process of recording a book. Do you do it in a special studio? How long does it take? Do you say “Um” a lot?

I do have a special studio with sound proofing material, a microphone, and various audio interfaces that can take the sound from my microphone and save it to my computer.

The length of recording depends on how long the project is.  For longer novels it can a few months to record and edit.  For shorter stories, like kid's books, it can take me only a couple days.Audiobook studio

Yes I do flub up lines and say "um" sometimes.  When I am recording and I make a mistake I will snap my fingers, click my tongue, or clap.  This makes a spike in sound wave as I record. When I go thru and edit the book I will see these spikes and just cut the mistake out of the audio file like it didn't even happen.

Who is your favorite audiobook narrator?

Me!  No just kidding.  I like Bryan Kennedy and Jesse Bernstein, who narrated Percy Jackson's The Lightning Thief.

Name an audiobook that you’ve listened to lately?

sound wave on a computerI listen to audiobooks in my car and with my son at home.  At home we have been listening to "Middle School The Worst Years of My Life" by James Patterson and in my car I've been listening to "Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power" by Jon Meacham.



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