Here in Arkansas, we’re deep into spring. Everything is in bloom, from daffodils to azaleas.
Spring Reads: Books, Audio Books, and Sales. Come see what's fresh & new at Mims House books. |

We’ve got some spring reads for you! If you’re heading out for spring break and you want books to keep the kids busy, we’ve got some deals.

  • First, Kell, the Alien is now free on the Kindle, Kobo and iBook stores. This won’t last long, so get yours today and spread the word!
    Kell, the Alien: Book 1, The Aliens, Inc. Series

    If you’re traveling in the car, all the Aliens, Inc. books are also audio books. Here’s a sample of one:

    (If you can’t click to hear this audio, click here.)

  • Liberty -From the fascinating world of tall ships comes this unlikely tale of humble pigs who follow their dream. |
    Liberty -From the fascinating world of tall ships comes this unlikely tale of humble pigs who follow their dream. |
    Liberty. Sailors are harbor-bound during winter, but come spring, they mend the sails and plan the year’s travels. Dickens, the orphaned creature that is befriended by Penelope and Santiago loves the sailing and storytelling.

    One night, sailing back across the Caribbean, Dickens was singing shanties and ballads, as usual. It was dark, no moon. Only the smudge of the Milky Way reflecting off the water. There wer phosphorescent algae in the water–the real thing, not a joke like Odds played on them so long ago. As always, Dickens’ voice held a hint of whale songs, of tides that rise and fall, and sweet rains upon the waves. The algae heaved upwards and then settled quietly, as if disturbed by a whale. Penelope wondered what lurked under the water, but try as she might, she saw nothing.
    “Tell me about my mother,” Dickens asked for the hundredth time that day.


  • Saucy and Bubba audio book now on Audible, Amazon, iTunes | MimsHouse.comWe’ve got a great narrator for you: Monica Clark-Robinson.
    An actress and voice artist, Monica exposes the raw emotions of this Hansel and Gretel story. When Saucy and Bubba must flee their stepmother, it’s Bubba who leaves a trail of stones to make sure they have a way home again.

  • Monica Clark-Robinson, narrator of Saucy and Bubba |
    Actress and Voice-Over expert, Monica Clark-Robinson.

Enjoy your spring reads!