One of the first school visits I did, I was foolish. I walked into an assembly of about 1000 kids armed with only a single copy of my picture book, The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman. One copy. 1000 kids. As you can imagine, that didn’t go well. Since then, I’ve always converted my books into powerpoints.

When you put a children’s picture book on Powerpoint, it becomes a BIG BOOK. We typically think of Big Books as tools for the kindergarten teacher. But I’ve seen how useful it is to have a powerpoint for any grade level. When displayed on a smart board, it becomes an interactive book. Kids can come up and point to items, highlight lines to discuss, and more. For copyright reasons, teachers shouldn’t be copying the illustrations of a children’s picture book. In fact, the process of scanning a book is difficult and you’d rarely do it anyway. For us, though, the process is reasonable.

We’ve put the three books from The Read and Write series into slideshow format for your convenience. At the same time, we created printables and simple lesson plans. These fun stories already incorporate a mentor text essay, or a sample essay that kids can imitate. The addition of a slideshow and printables makes it even easier.

I Want a Dog: My Opinion Essay as a BIG BOOK slideshow

Powerpoint turns every book into a BIG BOOK. |

Book 1 of The Read and Write series is about cousins Dennis and Mellie and how they decide on the best dog for their family. It’s great fun to follow their reasoning and how it develops into an essay. Learn more here

I Want a Cat: My Opinion Essay as a BIG BOOK slideshow.

Not everyone loves dogs, but instead love cats. For you, we’ve got a book that helps kids discuss the type of cat that is right for their family. Besides helpful information on choosing a cat, and the funny interaction between cousins, the story slips in another writing lesson. As a BIG BOOK slideshow, it will be simple to share with the whole classroom. Try the slideshow format and let us know what you think.
Great cats!, Great format! The BIG BOOK slideshow format turns any book into a BIG BOOK. |

My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay as a BIG BOOK slideshow

Dennis and his dog, Clark Kent, are back in this slap-stick funny book about taking the dog to a vet. The incident triggers a narrative essay that emphasizes the use of sensory details. Great fun and good mentor text. Use the BIG BOOK slideshow format on smart boards to make it simple for the entire class to participate in discussions. Try the format today.
Narrative essay mentor text as a Powerpoint, which makes every book a BIG BOOK. |

All of Mims House books are available in hardcover, paperback and ebooks; selected titles are available as audiobooks. The books are available from every major educational distributor and online venues. The addition of a BIG BOOK slideshow format is exciting for teachers who want to include the books in classroom discussions. If the format is popular (please let us know what you think!) we’ll extend it to other picture books.

I love the option to get picture books as a Powerpoint. Makes teaching SO much easier! |

I’ve been jumping up and down in excitement this weekend because on Friday, I saw the final art for NEFERTITI,THE SPIDERNAUT: The Jumping Spider Who Learned to Hunt in Space. Due out in October, it’s not even up for pre-order yet (though it will be soon!). More important, the scientists are excited about the book and the art.

Page 4-5 of Nefertiti, the Spidernaut. The final art is in and the layout  and design process has started. | Mims

This is page 4-5 of the book and the raw image is exciting. It shows the Johnson jumping spider in a typical pose as it jumps to catch its prey.

The next stage is to take the raw images and put them through the layout and design process, where the marriage of art and text really happens. There’s also the backmatter to edit and have experts look over. And I’m looking forward to another event, too.

Sunita Williams was the astronaut on the International Space Station mission that hosted Nefertiti. I’ll be talking with her this week to go over the story and make sure all details are in order.

Due out in October, this will be a busy month for the Nefertiti book as all details are finalized before it goes to the printer. In her ten-month life, Nefertiti traveled over 42 million miles. With her as inspiration, we’ll make it through these last stages of the process!