As ebooks has evolved over the last few years, they’ve started to move into the classroom. eBook pricing for school libraries has also evolved. School Library Journal explains the slow rise in this article. You can also read the SLJ 2015 eBook Usage Report here.

Most educational distributors now offer several options which are set individually by different publishers.

1-to-1 pricing

For this pricing, a school pays for each ebook and it’s licensed to be displayed on one and only one device at at time. This mimics the model for paper books–hardcover or paperback–where each copy is paid for separately, and treated as an individual object.
Ebook pricing for school has evolved; Mims House now offers 1-to-1 or 1-to-unlimited pricing for school libraries. |

1-to-unlimited pricing

Another pricing model, however, recognizes that you only need to deliver the ebook once. However, if the ebook is displayed on multiple devices at at time, the publisher loses revenue. They’d rather sell 10 paper books than one ebook. This model is a compromise that allows school libraries some benefit, while also giving the publisher their due for publishing the book. Usually, this model says that a school library may purchase an ebook for a multi-book price, and then display it on unlimited devices at one time.

The industry is still in flux about how much to charge for the 1-to-unlimited model! Some Unlimited eBook licenses are double the price of the single ebook; some are 15 times as much. However, the industry seems to be settling somewhere around 6-8 times the single book price. The reasoning behind this is that a reading group at school is about 5 or 6 students, plus a teacher. That gives the publisher a reasonable chance of earning income for multiple reads at a time, while keeping the pricing reasonable for a school.

Of course, a Newbery award winning book, for example, may be in demand across multiple grades at the same time. In that case, publisher may choose a higher pricing, or may ask schools to pay for individual pricing.

Subscription models

Some publisher are also asking schools to pay for licensing their entire catalog of ebooks for a year. Arbordale Publishing, for example, has a proprietary app that allows access to their entire catalog, including the Spanish translations. Schools who opt in pay one price for comprehensive access, or you may pay for access for one classroom.

Mims House books has both 1-to-1 and 1-to-unlimited pricing available through our distributors: Follett School Solutions, Permabound, and Mackin. Download our catalog for full ordering info, and then check your preferred distribuor to order our ebooks.

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When people move into a previously unpopulated area, one crucial question is where to build roads. Transportation, moving humans from one spot to another, is one of the basic functions needed for development. But often the human’s roads interrupt transportation for animals. Witness the phenomenon of road kill, which is only about 100 years old, entering the landscape with the advent of the automobile. In my area of the country, there are the jumping armadillos whose fright instinct is to jump straight up–where they hit the oncoming car and die.

Enter the Wildlife Corridor

Scientists have learned that one of the best ways to deal with a species need to travel through an urbanized area is to develop a wildlife corridor. Like a hallway from one wild place to another, the wildlife corridor tries to follow the species’ natural route and make it safe.

Wildlife corridor under a Montana highway. Read about a puma corridor in Brazil.| Mims House
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Some corridors provide ways for animals to travel under a major road, such as these tunnels.

  • Crab-crossings. On Australia’s Christmas Island, a unique wildlife corridor provides passages under a road for crabs who must travel to the ocean to breed.
  • Ecoducts. Underpasses in the Netherlands allow safe passage for deer, wild boar and the endangered European badger.

Other corridors provide a green space for wildlife.

  • Bee Corridor. In Oslo, Norway, scientists have created a green space planted with flowers and plants attractive to bees. Without this green corridor, the bees would starve.
  • European Green Belt. This strip of untouched land runs from Finland through Germany to Russia and provides important habitat for a wide variety of species.
This large marsh in the San Berdnardino National Wildlife Refuge serves as a migratory corridor for wildlife between the mountain ranges of Mexico to the Rocky Mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.
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This large marsh in the San Berdnardino National Wildlife Refuge serves as a migratory corridor for wildlife between the mountain ranges of Mexico to the Rocky Mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.

Read More about Wildlife Corridors

10 Important Wildlife Corridors

Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The death of this cub's mother sparked interest in a puma corridor in Brazil. | Mims House
Click to read Abayomi’s story today.

Do you need writing prompts and writing inspiration for your students? And for yourself?

One of the hardest things about a writing assignment is deciding what to write about. Topic selection is a prewriting task that can involve writing prompts or just writing inspiration. Children’s book author, Darcy Pattison, provides professional materials for teachers aimed at prewriting activities; and her Read and Write Series provides inspiration for kids who must write an opinion or persuasive essay.

Writing inspiration and writing prompts for teachers and students | Darcy Pattison, Children's Book Author |

Writing for the Common Core is a teacher resource book with prewriting activities for narrative essays, persuasive essays, descriptive essay, fiction and much more. Oral storytelling is used as a way to sharpen the story before committing words to the page. For narratives–real or imagined–prewriting activities help identify the right details to include. Choosing appropriate vocabulary develops reading and writing skills.

The Read and Write series delights kids with a topic that inspires great writing. I Want a Dog: My Opinion Essay and I Want a Cat: My Opinion Essay focus on ten criteria for forming an opinion. My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay shows ways to determine the best details to include in a narrative essay.

All include an essay written by Dennis or Mellie that can be used as a mentor text–a text that models how an essay should be written.

Leveled Reading

The Read and Write series are Fountas and Pinnell Gradient N leveled texts.
The Read and Write Series: Fountas & Pinnell Gradient N

The Aliens, Inc. Series. A Read-for-Pleasure book with surprising lessons to learn. | MimsHouse.comWhen the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) came out, I studied them closely. (Hey, it’s all about close reading, right?) One thing stood out to me: in the CCSS, kids are never encouraged to read for pleasure.

That makes me sad. Reading is my favorite activity. Books are my friends. Within the pages of a book, I travel to far away places, become an adventurer, become a giant or an armadillo or a princess. Books—life without a book is sad.

And yet, I understand that the CCSS is about educating and teaching. I get it. Still, does it have to be a bitter pill all the time?

I thought back to the stories that I loved the best. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein. As I read those stories, I learned vocabulary, how to deal with strangers, how to deal with evil, and so much more. Lessons don’t have to come as a bitter pill. Instead, they can be sugar-coated.

Remember Mikey?

In a popular commercial for Life cereal, two boys discuss the cereal and decide that since it’s “good for you,” it must taste bad. Instead, they pass the cereal bowl to Mikey, who “hates everything.” Mikey LOVES the cereal.

“He likes it! Hey, Mikey!”

If you can’t see this video, click here.

As a writer, I aim to give kids a book they will read for pleasure. The Aliens, Inc. Series is written for kids to enjoy. In this easy chapter book series, Kell, Bree and the gang have great fun at birthday parties!

But I also try to make the book useful for teachers. Kell is constantly trying to figure out a problem by writing the W questions: who, what, where, when, why. Vocabulary is stretched but context provides a clue to word meaning. Each book focuses on a different subject matter, so kids are learning fact–and a song. Oh, and there’s an art project in each book. At the end, there’s a searching game that encourages kids to go back through the book and look for certain illustrations. Oh, there’s lots of learning in The Aliens, Inc. series. But most important for me, as the author, the books are fun.

Hey, Mikey! They like to read these books!

The Aliens, Inc. Series Teacher’s Guide

Yet, teachers will find lots to love here, too. In fact, the teacher’s guide for The Alien’s Inc. Series addresses all the CCSS standards that apply, especially for language arts lesson plans for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade.

The Aliens, Inc. Teachers Guide: CCSS Standards for a Read-for-Pleasure Book |
DOWNLOAD The Aliens, Inc. Teachers Guide