In the March, 2015 Mackin eNewsletter, there’s a guest post by Darcy Pattison, author of the ALIENS, INC. series. Here’s a short excerpt. If you’re a Mackin customer, there’s a free ebook waiting for you at the end of the article.

Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut. Sadly someone once told me that you couldn’t be an astronaut if you had ever broken an arm because it was more likely to break again, and that could be tragic if you were in space. At ten-years-old, I broke my right arm, and my childhood dream died. Read more on Mackin’s eNewsletter.


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Booklist Online Exclusive: March 10, 2015
REVIEW OF Longing for Normal.
Pattison, Darcy (Author)
Mar 2015. 214 p. Mims, paperback, $13.99. (9781629440422).
Two foster kids join forces to try and secure their forever families while keeping hope alive in the form of a sourdough bread starter. Eliot had three days of happiness before his adoptive father suddenly died, leaving behind a newlywed widow who isn’t sure she is ready to be a mom. Alli is bounced back into the system after an accident nearly causes her long-term foster mom to lose her unborn child. The unlikely friends bond over Eliot’s deceased dad’s idea to raise money for the school, using a pyramid scheme to pass along sourdough bread starter that students’ families will use to bake and sell bread to fund a new playground. While parts of the plot are merely sketched—the school doesn’t seem desperate for a new playground, for instance—Pattison’s characters provide a reason to keep reading. In voices old before their time, due to years in the system, they describe their desperate attempts to stay relevant to the adults in their lives. A rare book featuring foster kids in realistic scenarios.
— Erin Downey Howerton