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The Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge does an annual count of its bird population, and this year brings a welcome surprise. Last year’s count was about 400,000 Laysan albatrosses, and that shot up this year to about 700,000. Midway Atoll is now the largest colony of Laysan albatrosses in the world. Read the FWS press release.

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This photo shows the density of nesting birds on Midway Atoll. Laysan albatross population is up over 50%.
This photo shows the density of nesting birds on Midway Atoll. Laysan albatross population is up over 50%.

Wisdom laid her egg on December 3, 2014 and the hatch date is expected to be about February 6, 2015. Look for news here when she hatches her latest!

This ebook tells the story of Wisdom, the Midway Albatross, the oldest known wild bird in the world. Possibly the oldest mother in the world, at the age of 63+!
This ebook tells the story of Wisdom, the Midway Albatross, the oldest known wild bird in the world. Possibly the oldest mother in the world, at the age of 63+!
Volunteers count the albatrosses on Midway Island.
Volunteers count the albatrosses on Midway Island.

Audiofile Magazine is one of the main review sources for reviewing audiobooks. Here’s what they said in the January, 2015 magazine about SAUCY AND BUBBA: A Hansel and Gretel Tale.
S&B Audio500x500-150

Author Pattison and narrator Monica Clark-Robinson imbue this update of “Hansel and Gretel” with just the right mix of youthful idealism and harsh reality. . . Clark-Robinson portrays Saucy as a loving yet cautious girl who is constantly worried about her happy-go-lucky brother.

Read the full review.

Actress and Voice-Over expert, Monica Clark-Robinson.
Actress and Voice-Over expert, Monica Clark-Robinson.

Listen to a sample of SAUCY AND BUBBA.

Today, we feature art from illustrator Kitty Harvill and her friends. Last January, she started a Facebook group devoted to creating a weekly nature art challenge. Each week, Kitty posts a photograph and challenges the artists to do an original painting based on the photo. Week 51, late in December 2014, the artists were challenged by photos of the puma named Abayomi. Here’s what Kitty says about the group and the challenge.

Week 51 Challenge: Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma

We are an international art group on Facebook, www.facebook.com/groups/natureartchallenge/ and we work from a new photo from nature each week. Many weeks are dedicated to the causes of endangered species and partnering with the organizations or biologists that work on their behalf. Our membership spans 4 continents and we have partnered for causes around the world, including Brazil, Morocco, Indonesia, the Philippines and Madagasgar. Here is my introduction to WEEK 51 (ABAYOMI’s) :

WEEK 51 – Merry Christmas week !! ABAYOMI is our subject this week as a special Christmas present to two very special people, biologist Márcia Rodrigues and her husband Sérgio Ferreira. These two work tirelessly in the rescue and rehabilitation of wild pumas. This past year they achieved the opening of the Wildlife Rehabilitation & Training Center, where Abayomi and other young pumas undergo special training in order to be able to return to the wild. Another special thank you to writer, Darcy Pattison, who helped us bring Abayomí’s story to the world – and now our group has a chance to bring more awareness to the problems these pumas are facing today by providing our paintings to raise awareness of their plight.

Visit the Abayomi Project here (in English) :http://www.icmbio.gov.br/corredordasoncas/en/abayomi-project

And in Portuguese :http://www.icmbio.gov.br/corredordasoncas/pt/projeto-abayomi

Happy Painting & MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Abayomi Paintings

by Christoph Hrdina
by Christoph Hrdina
by Kitty Harvill
by Kitty Harvill
by Charith Pelpola
by Charith Pelpola
by Teri Jordan
by Teri Jordan
Collage of illustrations from Week 51 Nature Art Challenge. Click to see full size.
Collage of illustrations from Week 51 Nature Art Challenge. Click to see full size.

Read more about Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma

2015 National Science Teacher's Association - Outstanding Science Trade Book
2015 National Science Teacher’s Association – Outstanding Science Trade Book
‘s story.

January 5 is National Bird Day, a day to celebrate birds in our lives.

NationalBirdDay.com has sponsored several contexts. Today, they will announce winners of the 2015 Poetry UnCaged contest.

Here’s a Teacher’s Pack of activities from National Bird Day.

How well do you know your bird calls? Take this quiz.

See Darcy Pattison’s Draw a Bird Day Pinterest board for inspiration on art projects with birds.

Kitty Harvill, illustrator of WISDOM, THE MIDWAY ALBATROSS, has provided “creative coloring pages” for you to download. These provide a setting for a child to add a bird, or part of an albatross for a child to finish, or a bird flying and the child is asked to provide the setting.

CompleteTheAlbatrossDownload 2015 Bird Coloring Pages by Kitty Harvill.



Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm was born on 4 January 1785, just 13 months before his brother, Wilhelm Carl Grimm. These German brothers are famous for collecting and writing folk and fairy tales. Most of our northern-European based fairy tales hark back to the Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Frog King, Rapunzel, and Hansel & Gretel. Their legacy has influenced literature for over 200 years.

Saucy and Bubba by Darcy Pattison My story, Saucy and Bubba: A Hansel and Gretel Tale plays upon the original story in a contemporary setting. Of course, it’s a tale of a step-mother who callously takes her step-children off to abandon them in a forest.

When you take this tale as an inspiration, it means you’ll be commenting on step-parents. This is actually one of the most auto-biographical books I’ve ever written. Indeed, in sixth grade, my parents were divorced, and my mother remarried. I’ve turned the step-father of my teenage years into a step-mother in this story. But much of the emotional content is the same. That’s what fiction does so well: it draws upon an author’s emotional life, even while changing details to fit the story.

Writing a story that draws on the resonance of a Grimm fairy tale means you join a conversation. For Hansel and Gretel, the conversation can range from funny to scary and anywhere in between. The author must choose which part of the story to emphasize and where to add something different, but important. The reader brings to your novel their experiences with the story from other sources and that creates special challenges. Maybe it’s like playing jazz, where there’s a melody, but the individual artist does riffs off that melody.

Folk and Fairy Tale Characters

There’s another update to retelling fairy/folk tales that writers must consider. In a folk/fairy tale, the characters are mostly stock characters. It’s a step-mother, a princess, a King, a third son, and so on. The roles define them, and there’s not much delving into motivations. Modern retellings, then, are mostly about taking that stock character and giving them a real life with diverse emotions and motivations.

In a folk/fairy tale, the logic doesn’t matter much. Really? A girl wears glass slippers to a dance? And when her sister can’t wear the shoe, she cuts off her heel? That sort of statement doesn’t work in today’s stories. Readers demand that the story is logical and could really happen. Yes, there are stories with magic, but even the magic these days needs an internal logic; it can’t operate this way one time and then conveniently work another way tomorrow just to serve the story.

For over 200 years, our culture has chewed on the Grimm tales and had conversations about the topics and issues raised. My offering of SAUCY AND BUBBA joins that conversation and brings with it emotions that come straight from my life.

Read a sample chapter.

To honor Jacob Grimm’s birthday, use this discount code for 50% off on SAUCY AND BUBBA: GRIMM

Discount good until 1/12/15.

The audio version of Saucy and Bubba is available from Audible, iTunes or Amazon.
S&B Audio500x500-150 Read about the narrator of this audio book.